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Favs: November 2018


Dennis Waitley: The Psychology of Winning  I am actually listening to this for the second time. This is an incredible self-development book, and everyone should read or listen to it. You win or lose in life. The game of life is the biggest most important game you can play, because you are never going to get it back. Whenever you hear (or read) something over and over, and internalize it, it becomes your subconscious and part of who you are. Same reason I love daily affirmations! This is a must!


The Psychology of winning


The Ed Mylett Show. He is one of my fav entrepreneurs to listen to. He talks about how to max out your life and is a super successful peak performance expert and speaker. I have learned so much from listening to his podcast. He interviews lots of highly successful people too. Just put it on while you’re doing mindless tasks like folding clothes or doing dishes. Here are some favs linked below.

Design your Life: MaxOut Goal Setting Strategies

The Keys to #MaxingOut 

Ed Mylett and Tony Robbins. An Hour That Will Change Your Life.

Building Confidence

Blissful Dissatisfaction 


Daily Deposit which was created by my friend, Macy McNeely. It’s a tool to help grow your personal confidence and deepen your relationships with a daily deposit. Trust me, you absolutely need this in your life. What is it? A place to put your daily gratitude, personal development, game day list, and affirmations. Because, remember, the game of life is the biggest most important game you can play! There is also the Relational Deposit which is a place to share your heart with someone special in your life. TEB and I have actually done this for quite some time, and it’s so powerful. You share goals, dreams, encouragement, apologies, excitements, uplifting words. Honestly, anything. Grab one here.

Daily Deposit


Loving my gold slippers from J.Crew. I had to have a new pair this year, my other ones had bit the dust. These are super cozy and warm for really cold days! If you aren’t into all the gold, they come in several other colors. P.S. If you are a half size, order up.

gold jcrew slippers


Intense Moisture Body Duo–bar and balm. The ultimate bath time companions. The most luxurious scent I’ve ever smelled–Monoi. Created by soaking Tahitian gardenia petals in coconut oil. Reminds me so much of Maui. This set is great to hydrate, nourish, deep condition, and leave your skin silky soft. This would be a great set to add into your self-care routine.  Wondering where to start with self-care? Read this blog post.

moisture duo


USA Pan. If you saw my stories recently, you saw that my oven died. Total bummer. When I purchased a new oven, I decided to get a few new sheet pans too (they were much needed). A lot of non-stick pans are VERY toxic, in fact, nearly every American has the toxic class of chemicals found in Teflon non-stick pots and pans in their body, including infants and children. So, while researching I found these that are PTFE, PFOA and BPA free. Read more on non-toxic pans here.

usa pan



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