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Our Honeymoon: EVERYTHING You’d Want to Know

Now that I’ve posted allllll about our actual wedding day, it’s time to move on to my next highly requested topic: OUR HONEYMOON!

We decided to go on our honeymoon right away so that we could ride the bliss of being newlyweds longer than a single day. Our wedding was on Saturday, May 29th, and we left for our honeymoon on Monday, May 31st! Overall, I’m really happy we decided to do that. The day of your wedding fliesssss by and you never really have a moment to sit there just the two of you – there’s so many things that need to be done and people that need to be seen.

So instead of having one big wedding day and then sulking in the wedding being over, we extended the big day directly into our honeymoon. It made it really exciting and TRULY feel like a honeymoon in my opinion! But our situation is also unique since we both work from home running our own businesses – if we would’ve planned our honeymoon for a month or so after the wedding, we would’ve been right back to our normal working schedule the Monday after the wedding. And that didn’t feel exciting enough to me!

So, here are ALL of the details of our honeymoon! Including links to some of my absolute favorite outfits that I wore 🙂

Where We Went – Ochos Rios, Jamaica

  • We wanted to do a Sandals resort, and we wanted to go to a country that didn’t have any crazy travel rules with COVID. And that’s how we landed on Jamaica!
  • We had to get a Rapid COVID test 72 hours or less before our flight departed. We just went to a local urgent care facility and they gave us forms that said we tested negative!
  • The airline required those forms before we were allowed to check into our first flight, even though the first flight was domestic and not even international
  • Before we left, we had to do another COVID test in Jamaica 48 hours before we were set to leave. The resort scheduled it and conducted it for us, so we didn’t have to leave the resort for it!

Where We Stayed – Sandals at Ocho Rios

  • We were looking at a few different Sandals resorts, but chose Ochos Rios because it had great reviews
  • Overall, we rated it a 7/10 – the food was amazing, the views were amazing, buuuut it didn’t feel totally worth the extra cost compared to other all-inclusive resorts
  • Food: there were 16 different restaurants on the resort, so we always had new places to try! They all had the same base ingredients I would say, but each one had different menu items. Only downfall to the food: it was hard to get convenient dinner reservations, even though we were making them over a week in advance sometimes. It seems like the butler rooms were getting the priority for reservations, which was disappointing but not a huge deal.
  • Drinks: I mean… what can you really complain about with all-inclusive drinks?! They had a fun cocktail and frozen drink menu, which made it really fun to try new drinks. There was one day where they were out of a lot of things (tequila, rum, pina colada mix, mint) but other than that day they were fully stocked!
  • Entertainment: There was some sort of entertainment going on every single night! It was really fun to go to the different shows each day. 
  • Location: One thing we didn’t know was that the resort is 2 hours away from the airport. So the bus ride was longer than expected! But it was a beautiful area. The ocean water was really clean and we were never near any other resorts that I noticed at least!
  • Excursions: We didn’t go crazy with extras or excursions because we really just wanted a relaxing trip. But we did do the ‘Romantic Beach Dinner’ one night, which was worth it in both of our opinions! We did the Dunn’s River Falls climb with the Cayaman Boat experience. SO MUCH FUN, I highly suggest doing it! And lastly, we did a private beach massage which was amazing and relaxing and so gorgeous.


Okay before I get to linking, I’m just going to share my favorite swimsuits I wore + my favorite night time outfits. I literally didn’t wear anything other than that the whole trip! So there’s not any ‘day time’ outfits to link because… well… I didn’t wear clothes during the day. I lived in my swimmies pretty much!

Side note: Other than the Toluca suits which were gifted to me, I paid full price for all of these items. So none of these are ads in any way! Just genuinely love them.

  • I also wore a few Toluca suits! I like tiny suits though so stuck with these two pieces for the trip
    • Ophelia Top: I’m a 32DD and a Small for D+ (this is a commission link for me)
    • Vesta Mini Bottoms: I’m a size Small (this is a commission link for me)
  • Lastly, I got a Knight Swim and a Fashion Nova suit that I loved
    • Knight Swim one is sold out now 🙁 but it was the Harley Top (medium) and Harley Bottom (small)
    • Fashion Nova – I got a small but probably needed a medium
  • My Straw Visor
    • My exact one is sold out, but this one is pretty much identical!

Alright, ladies, I THINK that’s it! If there’s anything else you saw me wearing that you want the link to or more info on, let me know and I’ll make sure to add it to this. If you’re planning your honeymoon, or even just a tropical vacation, Jamaica is a GORG place and was an absolute dream for us! Highly suggest making it out there at some point in your lifetime.
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