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Superfood smoothie add-ins

When I first started making smoothies years ago, it was tough deciding what superfoods I wanted to add in and keep my smoothie balanced and nutritious. It can be really confusing with all the superfoods, adaptogens, collagen, plant protein, beauty water — literally ALL THE THINGS.

So, what are superfoods?! They are foods with superior nutritional value. You probably already incorporate certain ones in your diet and don’t even realize it! They are packed with powerful nutritional benefits, so get to know them and get comfortable with them.

First, and most importantly, IMO–add greens. It’s such a simple way to get more nutrients and veggies without having to think about it. Spinach and kale are some of my favorite dark, leafy greens to add in. These are typically high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, and K. They are also loaded with micronutrients+phytonutrients. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are the most nutrient dense+energizing+detoxifying foods you can eat. Win. 

To break things down a bit, I picked a few so you can understand how powerful they are!


  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Frozen organic zucchini

Spinach and kale have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. They are rich in fiber, iron, beta carotene, amino acids, purifies blood, immune booster and promote healthy intestinal flora.



Hemp seeds are one of the only foods with the ideal ratio of essential fatty acids, omega 3’s and omega 6’s. Hemp seeds contain 21 amino acids including the 8 essential aminos in an easily digestible form.


Raw nut butters, like almond and cashew, are wonderful. Don’t be scared of fat. Almonds are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and have a great vitamin E content. Cashews are naturally high in beautifying oleic acid. They contain magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for reproductive health.


coconut oil | coconut butter


Raw cacao powder is my all time favorite superfood. Cacao is super high in antioxidants, so it’s amazing for your immune system and skin. It is rich in magnesium, chromium and iron. Cacao also contains flavonoids that help improve mood as well as theobromine, an active compound that acts as a natural vasodilator to boost blood flow. Oh, and it tastes amazing! If you are a brownie lover, check out this recipe I recently created with raw cacao powder!

Maca powder is probably a close second to cacao. Maca is an adaptogen root that is great at helping us deal with certain stressors. This is great for hormonal balance, improving your mood, and increases stamina. It has a mild nutty flavor. I prefer the gelatinized version because it is the most concentrated form and has been removed of it’s starch, making it easier to digest and bioavailable.


spice jars | gold measuring spoons | ashwagandha | chagacacao | Rhodiola


  • Raw local honey
  • Bee pollen

Local raw honey is a natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The pollen contains TONS of trace minerals and is a good source of enzymes, vitamins and amino acids. The pollen is also great at helping to alleviate seasonal allergies.

Don’t over complicate things. Pick one from each category and then a couple of powders. It is important to make sure you buy good, quality items, and organic when possible. I linked all the ones I could find that I personally use. Play around with them, figure out what YOU like and enjoy! 

Do you have some fav superfoods?











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